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Perfecting Your Fly Tying Area

Offering One-of-a-Kind, Custom Accessories Designed to Enhance Your Fly Tying Area

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Essential Fly Tying Accessories & Tools

At Stick2itTM Fly Tying, we take great pride in offering you one-of-a-kind, custom fly tying accessories designed to enhance your entire fly tying area. Whether you are an experienced tier or just starting out, whether you already have a tying table, a vise, or nothing at all, our products are essential for keeping your fly tying area organized, tidy, and clean.

Stick2itTM  Fly Tying products combine organization & strength together with beauty resulting in products aimed at redefining your fly tying area.

We are offering two product lines. The MagMat and the Pedestal Pad. Both have the same strong double-sided magnets and endless possibilities for art and/or photos.

A Reinvented Fly Tying Area

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What Makes Us Stand Out

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… Something you WILL WANT to hand down for generations to come. You are not just tying flies, you are making memories. Imagine if this product was available 75 years ago, you might have been tying on a MagMat or Pedestal pad with photos of your ancestors with their trophy catches along with captions such as date, location...

… Something you CAN HAVE to hand down for generations to come. The dye sublimation process used here is considered by all to be the most stable image available.  It will last longer than ANY of the permanent inks do. This is because dye sublimation is a chemical reaction that infuses the image INTO the material - not just ONTO the surface of the material. The finished product has a print that CAN'T be scratched, scraped or washed from the vinyl.